Time to take care of yourself — and getting the facts about changes in your body and brain is the place to start.  It will help you make healthy decisions. And who knows: If you have the facts you may also help a friend make healthy decisions too.

Keep yourself healthy — physically and mentally! Teens experience so many changes. From growing up to getting braces, popping pimples to catching some ZZZs, you should know what’s happening to your body — from head to toe. Check it out. Being healthy also means dealing with the changes in your brain and how it affects relationships, body image, families and emotions. Sort it all out here.

Find out for yourself what drugs do to your brain, skin, lungs, mouth and heart. It isn’t pretty but it’s science! Drugs and Your Body: Know the Facts

Learn how to be your own person, no matter what others around you may do or say! Most teens who decide to try alcohol and other drugs say that it was peer influence that pushed them to experiment. How easily are YOU influenced by others? Find out: Take the quiz!

If you think drugs won't affect your health, think again. Get the facts about the most commonly abused drugs, like marijuana, tobacco, Molly, cocaine, bath salts. Learn what they are and how using drugs, even just once, can affect your body and your mind. When you have the facts, you’re better able to protect yourself — and your friends — from the harms of drug use when you’re out there on your own. Click here!

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