The SKPP Team

Keith McNamar, Martha Barbera, Theresa Benoit, Dr. Celeste Corcoran, Ryan Doyle – Youth Coalition Student Leader, Kathy Egan, Captain Joel Ewing-Chow, Javen Genest – Youth Coalition Student Leader, Sally Genest, Joan Jackson, Dr. Jon Kimpton, Amanda Mather, Emma Mather – Youth Coalition Student Leader, Scott Mueller, Karen Murphy, Dave Patrone, Erin Pierce, Carol Pilkington, Perry Raso, Christi Saurette, Maureen Tissiere, Ella Whaley.



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Whether you live here, work here or have another special connection to South Kingstown, joining the Coalition gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the community and in individual lives. Collaborating with a group of like-minded individuals to keep South Kingstown a safe and healthy community can be an invigorating experience providing you inspiration, connection and engagement.

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