Letter from our Team

It’s all about protecting our kids.

When someone asks us what South Kingstown Prevention is all about, the answer is easy:  the health and safety of SK youth. More specifically, SKP focuses on the biggest risk our kids — and every other teen in the country — face: the many opportunities they have today to experiment with alcohol and other drugs.

The science is clear: underage alcohol and illicit drug use, including non-medical prescription drug use damages a teen’s physical, emotional and mental health, sometimes irreversibly, and increases the probability that they will suffer from addiction issues as adults.SKP's goal is to protect them from these negative consequences by preventing and reducing teen substance use.

SKP works to protect SK youth in many ways, guided by prevention experts and studies that tell us what works and what doesn’t. We educate kids and adults about the dangers of substance use. We stress healthy decision-making, based on facts and not negative peer influence. We offer wholesome activities that engage them and respond to the age-old teen complaint that “there’s nothing to do.”
Mostly importantly, we work to mobilize the community, to create an environment in South Kingstown that helps to protect kids especially during their teen years.We work to create a community that sees underage drinking and drug use as preventable — not inevitable, not a passing phase, not a rite of passage. Community-based prevention initiatives are the surest route to alcohol and drug-free kids. They are also the most economical route. One dollar spent on prevention saves $18 in the costs related to underage substance use.

As the old saying says, many hands make work light and there is much work to do. Everyone has a part to play.

Our hope is that SK residents will use this website to better understand the risks of underage substance use — and what we can do to prevent it. Then, of course, we hope you do your part. We’re all in this together. Everyone in South Kingstown has a protective role play in making sure our kids stay healthy and safe.


Sophia Balestrieri,

Municipal Coordinator