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Count It! Lock It! Drop It!

SKPP launched a new prescription safety intiative.

Count It! Monitor your prescription meds, count your pills and check expiration dates. This prevents theft, helps ensures medications are taken properly and keeps medications from the hands of children. 

Lock It! Protect your loved ones by storing your prescriptions safely in a lock box.  Medications that are not disposed of properly can be as harmful and dangerous as illicit drugs. Visit Green Line Apothecary for a lock box. 

Drop It! Don't let your medicine cabinet become a "source." Dispose of unused or expired Rx medications.  Take advantage of the MedReturn drop boxes located at the SKPP Police Station.


2015-2016 SKPP Youth Volunteer Guide

Volunteerism is a "protective factor," a condition in people's lives that make them less likely to use alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs.  Research shows, that when teens are involved in quality volunteer opportunities, the likelihood that they will engage in risky behavior decreases and their level of social trust and academic achievement increases.  Please click on the 2017-2018 SKPP Youth Volunteer Guide above to see what opportunties are available in our community.


Ocean State Waves Sponsorship

SKPP is a proud sponsor of The Ocean State Waves, SK’s own collegiate summer baseball team that plays its home games at Old Mountain Field. It’s an opportunity for SKPP to provide information to the community, an event where SK youth are rewarded publically for community service and it exposes our kids to great role models, young men not much older than they who choose to be alcohol and drug-free.


Above the Influence: 5th Grade Mentoring Program

Using the Above the Influence prevention model, SKHS seniors develop lessons for 5th graders about the importance of self-esteem — and the power it gives them to make safe, healthy decisions for themsleves in high school. In 2014, more than 30 SKHS seniors participated, developing lessons and presenting them to 5th graders. The 12th graders will tell you with a smile that when they visit their elementary or middle schools, the kids there see them as “gods.”  It’s a win-win. Seniors recognize the influence they have over younger kids — and they’re putting that influence to good use by teaching younger kids to stay “above the influence” of alcohol, drugs and other risky behaviors.


8th Grade Fun Night and Lock-In

Some students need a lot of support to make a smooth transition from middle to high school and that support starts with the 8th Grade Fun Night and Lock-in held at SKHS in June. It’s a fun night: DJ, games, raffles and, of course, food that runs from running from 8 p.m. until 6 a.m. About 15 freshmen and sophomores from SKHS join adults to “chaperone” the event and give an insider’s view of high school life. Importantly, 8th graders meet friendly, supportive high school students — familiar faces when they enter their new high school world.


Slogan Contest

What would you tell a friend who wanted to try marijuana, alcohol or other drugs? That’s the question we put to SK students in Grades 6 through 12. Their responses have to fit on wrist bands, which are manufactured with the winning slogans and distributed at Little League and softball opening days. The program involves kids in preventing substanceamong their peers — and the wrist bands offer the community the opportunity to show their support for keeping SK kids healthy and safe.


Community Forums

Each year, SKPP sponsors a Community Forum on some aspect of substance abuse prevention. Check our Calendar to see what’s on tap this year.